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Project Summary:
EUBC Commercial building was designed as the headquarters of the respective company as well as rentable office and commercial spaces. The design took into consideration sustainable design with how glass was used in varying depths and the massing was designed to create a passive cooling effect and communal terraces on each floor.  A glass court was introduced in rentable offices and headquarters spaces to allow the maximum amount of natural light and ventilation to enter the floors.
The cellars were designed on the whole plot area to function as the services of the building as well as a sloped design to accommodate the maximum number of parking spaces.
Scope of work ::
 1- Completely full detailed design for the following systems:
Electrical Systems
- Normal lighting system
- Emergency Lighting system
- Power distribution system
- Telecommunication and Security system
            - Earthing and Lightening System
- Full coverage fire detection, alarm system.
- Back Ground Music System
- Voltage Drop Calculations.
Mechanical Systems
- Drain system
- Water system
- HVAC system
- Firefighting system
- Mechanical calculations 

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